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Primary School Sports Funding 2019-20

At Stanton St Quintin Primary School Primary School Sports Funding Allocation for 2019-2020 is £22,063. This must be spent on improving the provision of PE and sports within schools but Headteachers have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Schools receive this allocation at fixed points within the academic year. The following outlines how the Sports Premium Funding has been allocated for this academic year.

Quick Fitness

All children, from Reception to Year 6 are invited to attend Quick Fitness sessions from 8.30am – 8.50am three times per week. Sessions are currently being run by Up and Under sports coaches. A register is taken so that schools can monitor the percentage of the school that takes part in these sessions. Average attendance this academic year has been 65%- 70%.  Whilst Quick Fitness is available to all children, the uptake from our younger children is noticeably lower this is because at this age parents choose to bring their children into school at 8.50am to settle them into class at the beginning of the day. The impact of Quick Fitness on those children who take part has been that not only do children have improved stamina, flexibility and core strength, but they also start the day alert, focussed and ready to learn.

Afterschool Club Subsidy

In order to give as many children as possible the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular sporting activities that they might otherwise miss out on, the school has subsidised provision of Football, Cricket, Lacrosse and Key Stage multi-skills after school Clubs.

Chippenham Games

The school uses the Sports Premium to enable Year 6 pupils to participate in the 2019 Legacy Chippenham Games, this is an annual event run by the Chippenham Partnership of Schools, designed to build on the London 2012 Olympic legacy by promoting teamwork through participation in sport. Participation within these games also supports the KS2-KS3 transition from Primary to Secondary School.

Specialist Coaches and Mentoring

The school has employed specialist Cricket, Tennis , Lacrosse, Yoga and sports coaches to work alongside children and mentor staff during delivering PE lessons and Enrichment. These opportunities have supported professional development for the staff ensuring sustainability of these sporting activities in the future.

Introducing such sports as Tennis during PE lessons has encouraged children to become involved in local sporting associations.

Sports Day

Medals, stickers and certificate are purchased to celebrate our competitive and inclusive sports day in which all children participate in. The school’s Sports Day celebrates children’s multi-skills achievements during the morning through a mixed aged competitive intra-school  team tournament and then in the afternoon the focus shifts to specific track events. Rhine Class, as part of the pupil voice,  reviewed current provision and plan, and will delivered this year’s Sports Day . 

Tournaments, Festivals and links with Chippenham Sports Partnership.

To date the school has taken part in various School Games L2 tournaments- these have included participation in Football, Netball, Tag Rugby, Athletics  and  Kwik Cricket tournaments, Partnership Y1/ 2 and Y3/4 multi skills tournaments, Sports Leader coaching, Talent Team and All Active Academy workshops. . This is in addition to the Small Schools Football and Netball Tournament and the South West regional Pop Lacrosse finals.   The school contributes towards the transportation to and participation at these events.

Participation in these festivals is one way in which the school promotes the enjoyment of and encourage participation in competitive sports and other physical activities.

New Equipment/Consumables

A proportion of the Sports Funding is allocated to ensuring that sports equipment is appropriate and fit for purpose. An audit of the school’s small and large equipment, together with feedback from staff and the Sports Crew,  identify areas of need within the school improvement to Playground markings

With the increase in Sports PPG the school would like to improve the quality of the playground and outside area to encourage more children to be physically active during the school day and after school clubs. Improvements will be identified in consultation with the school’s Parliament and Sports Crew.

Improved Lifestyles and Healthy Choices

In an effort to work towards the government’s agenda on childhood obesity and children making healthier choice part of the school’s PPG funding will be used to explore healthy eating and personal well-being. Pre and post project questionnaires will be completed to measure impact on the choices our children make.