Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together


At Stanton St Quintin we love to explore words!

It has become our mission to immerse children in rich vocabulary and provide opportunities to explore and play with words and language. 

We believe that by equipping children with a broad bank of vocabulary, they are not only excited by the ability to apply this to their writing but will grasp better opportunities as they grow older. 

We explore vocabulary in several different ways at Stanton. We embed the teaching of new vocabulary into our English units to ensure meaning and context. We also use interactive 'Word Collectors' boards within classes where children are encouraged to add words from their own reading. 

It is our mission to instil a love of words within the children that we teach and hope that they enjoy sharing their new vocabulary with you at home.

Why not take the opportunity to talk to your child about any new words they have been learning and share how they can use these words in their spoken and written language?

Join us on our vocabulary mission!