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Oracy Project- Wiltshire Talks

This year we are proud to be a part of the newly launched 'Wiltshire Talks' oracy project.

What is oracy?

Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others through spoken language.  In school, oracy is a powerful tool for learning; by teaching children to become more effective speakers and listeners we empower them to better understand themselves, each other and the world around them.

We believe that oracy increases confidence by empowering children with the belief that their voice has value, developing the ability to articulate thoughts so others will listen.

This project is currently in its early stages. English Subject Leads have been coming together across Wiltshire and surrounding areas to learn from experts in oracy and explore the ways in which this project can be implemented in schools which have chosen to take part. Our aim is to become an oracy rich school.

As a school that identifies the great value of effective talk, we are investing a great amount of time into this project with a hope to begin rolling out strategies and approaches over the coming year. 

Watch this space for updates on our involvement in this exciting project.