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At Stanton St Quintin, reading is at the heart of our curriculum, supported by a broad and balanced selection of quality texts that excite and inspire our young learners. Being recognised for our dedication to creating enticing reading experiences, we are proud to have been awarded the Bronze and Silver Wiltshire Reading Awards, progressing towards Gold.

We strive to instil a love for reading in all children as soon as they start school, equipping them with the skills they need to explore a broad range of literature and widening their cultural capital.

Learning to read from a young age is key to every child’s success in education and their future lives. We therefore place a great emphasis on regular reading with an aim to develop an intrinsic desire to become independent readers, making their own choices of reading material and opening up a wider world to every child, regardless of their starting points.

Here are the seven core strategies that all members of staff use to support and develop children's reading skills through primary school:

For children, listening to stories being read to them and an adult listening to them read, are equally important to foster a love of reading and the world of stories. This is why we recommend creating a balance of reading to and with children.

We believe that supporting your child as a reader is a partnership between home and school.

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Meet Rufus the Reading Bear; our furry member of the Stanton family. Rufus the Reading Bear LOVES books. Each week Rufus goes home with somebody who he has spotted trying hard with their reading, talking about books with friends or enjoying exploring new books. He even comes complete with his very own reading journal!

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