Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Our Library

Our library is a very special space that sits at the heart of our school and is regularly filled with the delight and excitement of children enthusiastically sharing books with their friends.

Our library was opened in 2022 after years of fundraising and support from the local community. Our books are regularly updated, providing our children with the very best books to explore. 

All children visit the library at least once per week, choosing books to borrow and take home. Our library is also open to the school community between 3 and 4pm every Monday.

Here is what our children say about our library and reading...

“I love reading all the books with my friends and my buddy!”

Matilda, Reception

“I love to read books under the reading tree because it is calm and quiet.”

Lola, Year 1

Our budding team of school librarians

“I like the library because it’s a quiet place to come and pick any book because we have so many. I think our library is a lovely place. As a librarian I enjoy helping people find new books.”

Bonnie, Year 5

“I like coming to the library to read all of the books and I like being a librarian and making sure everyone has something to read and enjoy.“     

Finn, Year 2

“I love the library because the books are very entertaining and they take me on adventures.”

Malachi, Year 2

“So many people love the library and the books! The library is a quiet space and soft and colourful. The sculptures remind me of making them with my friends.”

Patrick, Year 3

"Mrs Anderson is mad about books! She always reads to us and tells us about new books that she has found. She makes stories come to life and everyone loves story assembly on a Tuesday!" 

Florence, Year 2

"Mrs Anderson likes to smell books and sometimes they smell like chocolate or cake or dinosaurs!" 

Dario, Year 1