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  • The Victorians

    Published 24/04/24

    Amazon Class are now immersed in their new topic- ‘A day in the life of a Victorian child’ and have enjoyed exploring different artefacts, replicas, books and photographs from the Victorian era, to learn a little more about what life was like during this period in history.

    #motivateeducatenurture #wearehistorians

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  • African Masks D&T Project

    Published 14/04/24

    During Term 4, Amazon Class have taken part in an exciting Design and Technology (D&T) project linked to our topic, ‘African Adventures’.

    We researched the features and purposes of different masks, before exploring African masks and designing our own lion creations. We then used a variety of materials and skills to bring our designs to life; from cutting and sawing to decorating and embellishing.

    It’s been wonderful to watch our designs come to life in their own unique way. Finally, we shall evaluate our projects to complete the process.

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  • African Pottery

    Published 14/04/24

    This term, Amazon Class put their pottery skills to the test as part of our African artwork unit. After carefully shaping their people pots, they decorated them using African-inspired patterns, making characters from our wonderful book, Lila and the Secret of Rain.

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  • What grows in Africa?

    Published 27/03/24

    This week, Amazon Class have been learning about the different foods that grow in Africa and how they are harvested and produced.

    We learnt about the ‘charcoal cooler’, which is a completely energy-free way of keeping green beans cool after picking. We explored how pineapples are picked and shipped all around the world from Africa. Finally, we looked at the process of making chocolate from cacao pod to bar!

    We learnt about Fairtrade produce and how buying Fairtrade ensures that farmers have been paid a fair price for their produce and hard work.

    The best part of our topic lesson this week had to be the chocolate tasting! We tasted Fairtrade chocolate with different compositions of cocoa. The children described the chocolate containing 85% cocoa as being ”bitter, strong and not very nice,” whereas the chocolate with 46% cocoa was “smooth, milky and just right!” There were certainly more votes for this chocolate!

    #motivateeducatenurture #worldwise #communitycontributors #Fairtrade

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  • Exploring the Maasai Tribe

    Published 24/03/24

    This week, Amazon Class have learnt about the Maasai Mara tribe and the traditions that they follow.

    We explored the mud huts they build, the animals they keep, living off the land and their love of vibrant music and dancing. We loved having a go at the ‘Jumping Dance’ and comparing how high we could jump! Video in the comments section.

    #motivateeducatenurture #worldwise #wearegeographers

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