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  • Planting and growing

    Published 22/05/23

    In science, Amazon Class have been learning about plants and growth. We've planted a garden outside and watched it grow, taking care of it by watering, weeding and feeding, together with using organic methods to try to keep slugs at bay! We were excited to taste some of our yummy lettuce, chives and cress and agreed that it was much tastier than supermarket produce.

    We germinated peas and beans in a bag, comparing our peas and beans in the light and those we have put in a dark cupboard.

    Ready steady grow!


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  • Happy Earth Day!

    Published 22/05/23

    Amazon Class have been immersed in our new topic, ‘Protect Our Planet’, exploring and celebrating Earth Day 🌍 22.4.23

    Earth Day is a day to be grateful for our wonderful planet and to raise awareness of taking care of our world. We have been thinking about things that cause harm to our planet and things we can do to help.

    To help raise awareness, we worked in groups to read and follow instructions to make earth day cupcakes and created these happy earths to display in our corridor. This has inspired our writing this week.


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  • Dear Earth

    Published 22/05/23

    In English this term, Amazon Class have been exploring lots of wonderful books about protecting our planet, with a particular focus on two books to inspire our writing this term.

    The first of these books was called ‘Dear Earth’ by Isabel Otter, which inspired us to collect lots of wonderful description to describe the different parts of our Earth, from swaying, wildflower meadows to the depths of the vast ocean. We then wrote our own letters to the Earth, telling our planet how spectacularly beautiful it is.

    Here you can see a small sample of the stunning description and empathy that shines through the children's writing. 🌏


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  • Jellyfish sculptures

    Published 22/05/23

    In art in Amazon Class this term, we have been exploring the work of sculptor, Michelle Reader, who uses recycled materials to create stunning sculptures with a powerful message.

    Thinking about colour and texture, we selected recycled materials (drink lids and assorted plastic bags) to create our jellyfish sculptures, linking to the book we were exploring in English- 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts.

    Our recycled jellyfish will create a stunning display in one of our school corridors to remind everyone about the importance of recycling and keeping our oceans plastic free.


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  • Reusing and growing

    Published 22/05/23

    We’ve been learning all about reusing, recycling and reducing as part of our topic this term in Amazon Class. The children reused plastic bottles and cups to make plant pots, decorated with recycled bottle tops. We then planted grass seeds and learnt about seed germination as we nurtured and watched our grass heads grow. We think they may be in need of a hair cut!

    Thank you Prestige Grounds for donating the grass seed.


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  • Sporting fun!

    Published 31/03/23

    n a sunny morning, Amazon Class enjoyed a fun-filled morning of sports at Abbeyfield School, led by the fantastic sports ambassadors. We enjoyed lots of energetic activities to kick start our final week of term. A huge thank you to the sports team at Abbeyfield!


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