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  • Rosie Revere Engineer

    Published 24/01/23

    Today, Amazon Class have explored their new book! First we discovered a very well-used toolbox, marked with the letter ‘R’ and found lots of interesting items inside, such as; a red spotty scarf, a notebook, a spanner, nuts and bolts, stencils, ruler, pencil and other drawing tools.

    We made predictions about what our new book might be about. Does the red scarf belong to Little Red Riding Hood on her way to fix something at Granny’s house, or does it belong to a young engineer who spends her days drawing designs and bringing them to life? 

    We were so excited to discover the title of our new book- ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer’ by Andrea Beaty and can’t wait to use this fantastic book to inspire our writing and find out more about Rosie! 🔧 ✏️ 🗒️

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  • What is an engineer?

    Published 05/01/23

    This week, Amazon Class have started to explore their new topic for this term- ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’ We asked the children what they think an engineer is and what sorts of things do they do. I set the children a mini challenge to discuss this question with their grown-ups at home too.

    The children had lots of different initial perceptions of an engineer, as you can see pictured above!

    We can’t wait to get stuck into this topic during Term 3, when we shall be learning about all the different roles engineers can have, the skills they need, the processes they follow, together with exploring early inventions from the past. We shall also be taking part in the ’If you were an engineer’ competition in partnership with UWE Bristol. More info to follow!

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  • The Egg Theatre

    Published 12/12/22

    Amazon Class have had the most wonderful time at The Egg theatre this afternoon, watching The Five Children and It. After putting on their own performance last week, it was time to sit back and enjoy watching someone else putting on the show!
    The children were wonderful and made me very proud. They loved the show and were extremely excited on the way home, spotting the Christmas lights of Bath! 

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  • Nativity superstars!

    Published 12/12/22

    Thank you to everyone who came to watch our nativity performance at the end of this week. It was so wonderful to see the children so happy and we are all so extremely proud of each and every one of them and their performance of The Angel Express.

    They are all stars in the making ⭐️



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  • Team Stanton Girls Footie Fun

    Published 25/11/22

    On a beautifully fresh morning, Team Stanton girls have enjoyed Footie Fun at Abbeyfield School. The girls really shone at working together as a team, refining their football skills and supporting each other. Well done to all the girls who took part- the next England Girls Team in the making! #motivateeducatenurture


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  • Amazon Class Stay and Read

    Published 20/11/22

    Thank you to those parents who joined Amazon Class for our first Stay and Read event this week. The children loved showcasing their new book and sharing the different activities linked to this story. At one table, children were enjoying linked texts written by the same author. At the second table, children explored different items from the story, explaining to each other which part of the story the object linked to. At table three, children created their own Humpty Dumpty to display our writing about something that we are fearful of and how we will 'come out of our shell' to face our fears, just like Humpty did.

    Some wonderful ideas and writing!


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