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Equality Information

It is now widely acknowledged that inequality linked to socio-economic factors (poverty) is one of the major issues affecting educational attainment in England today. This school is committed to tackling this aspect of disadvantage, and information about the measures being taken is published separately in a report about how we spend our Pupil Premium.

This school recognises that socio-economic factors (poverty) are not the only issue affecting how pupils achieve in school, as gender, ethnicity, disability/SEN, sexual orientation and gender identity may all affect whether children fulfil their academic potential.

This report highlights the measures this school is taking to address inequality that cannot solely be linked to socio-economic factors (poverty). The report gives an overview of Stanton St Quintin Primary School’s commitment to equality of opportunity, outlining the work it has undertaken in the previous twelve months, as well as the steps it is proposing to take in the year ahead.

Schools are required to update their published Equality Information each year, and in addition, must have at least one Equality Objective that the school can focus and work on for a period of up to four years.

Stanton St Quintin Primary School recognises that attainment data is an important tool in promoting equality of opportunity for all pupils. Data helps identify which pupils may be vulnerable to underachieving. Nationally, including Wiltshire schools, the groups identified (from attainment data) as being vulnerable to underachievement are: White British pupils eligible for free school meals (both boys and girls); Black pupils (both boys and girls); and, Gypsy/Traveller pupils (both boys and girls). This document provides information on the attainment of these groups in Wiltshire and the steps being taken to help all pupils to achieve their full academic potential.

2 Another current focus for Stanton St Quintin Primary School is to ensure that our pupils understand and appreciate the rich diversity of Britain and the important values that help people with differing perspectives and outlooks to live together harmoniously. This document provides information about what Stanton St Quintin Primary School is doing to develop our pupils’ ability to live in a pluralistic (diverse) society. Stanton St Quintin Primary School has a new Equality Objective to increase understanding of religious/faith diversity (including people who do not have a faith) and to develop an awareness of the history of religious intolerance in Britain and Europe and to learn to promote tolerance and understanding.

Academic attainment is important, but pupils also need to move on from this stage of their education feeling happy and self-confident. Stanton St Quintin Primary School is committed to providing a nurturing environment to help develop the resilience of our pupils to cope with the ups and downs and stresses of everyday life. Stanton St Quintin Primary School has decided that one of our new Equality Objectives will address pupil mental health and wellbeing as part of our commitment to preventing mental health difficulties that may start in childhood but have a greater impact in adult life.