Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

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The School Day

The School Day

Children should arrive at 8:40 am. This is the time when children are expected to be in school ready for morning registration at 8:45am

The following procedures apply for the different age groups:

Darling Class (Nursery & Reception): Parents please line up with your child by the small gate and the class teacher will collect your child. 

Amazon Class & Rhine (Key Stage 1 and 2): At 8:40 am children are expected to line up outside their classroom where their teachers will collect them.

Early Arrivals

The school will do all that it can to support parents/children arriving before 8.40 am, but ultimately parents must take responsibility for their children until they are handed over to the teacher. The school runs a breakfast club from 8am - 8:45am which needs to booked in advance. 

Late Arrivals

If your child is late, i.e. arrives after 8:50am then you should report to the School Office where a member of staff will let your child(ren) in, and you will be asked to give the reason for late arrival.

Early Departures

If you have to collect your child early, for example because of a medical appointment or because your child is ill, please report to the School Office where a member of staff will bring your child to you.

Collection of Children

All classes finish school at 3.15pm. Class teachers will bring their classes out to the front of the school where children will be passed over to adults collecting.

At the end of the school day, the school expects all pupils to be collected by a responsible adult known to the school; the adult should wait in the playground where the Teacher/Teaching Assistant will hand over your child.

We ask that all adults waiting to collect children wait at the front of the school just inside the gates in the area near the noticeboard. 

Children going home on school transport are to line up outside the EYFS area where a member of staff on duty will ensure everyone who should be on the bus is on the bus safely.

If your child is being collected by someone else on a particular day or going home with a friend please make sure the school office or class teacher have been told. If we have not been informed we will make a phone call home before letting your child leave the school grounds.

Safety in the Playground

  • Bikes, scooters, skate boards etc must not be ridden on the school playground at the beginning or end of the day.
  • Please do not leave your children unattended in the school grounds.

Arrival and Departure of Children

The following procedures have been written to ensure the safety of all pupils, staff and visitors in our school. Please comply with them and ensure that anyone who delivers or collects your child from school is aware of them.

Arriving at School at the Start of the Day

Arrival on Foot

  • Children and parents approaching the school on foot enter via the small gate. 

Arrival by Bicycle

  • Children and parents approaching the school by bicycle should dismount outside the school gates.
  • Only children in Year 6 who are taking part in or who have passed their Bikeability course should cycle to school without adult supervision.
  • Year 6 children needing to leave their bikes at school may secure them in the bike racks at the front of the school.
  • Children who cycle to school and are accompanied by an adult who is also cycling may also leave their bicycles at school. If this is not the case, all other bicycles and scooters should be taken home.
  • Children cycling to school should wear cycle helmets.

Arrival by Car

  • The school does not have a car park, therefore you will need to park on the roads leading the school. 
  • Please park considerately and be aware of our neighbours, ensuring that driveways are kept clear.
  • Please do not park on the zig zag lines or use this as a drop off point as this is not safe and we need to keep access to the school clear for school buses and taxis.