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  • Whose bridge withstood the earthquake?

    Published 03/11/20

    We had fun testing our bridges and they were very strong.

    They all withstood the earthquake.

    Well done Rhine Class.

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    Published 05/07/20

    Are you ready for the challenge?

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  • Word of the Week 29/6/20 (Rhine)

    Published 30/06/20

    Our final word of the week this term before an end of year vocabulary challenge next week.

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  • Word of the Week 22/6/20 (Rhine)

    Published 22/06/20

    What is a contraption?

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  • KS2 Word of the Week 15/6/20 (Rhine)

    Published 15/06/20

    We would love to see more of Rhine class using our new word this week, including commenting on the blog. 

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  • KS2 Word of the Week 8.6.20 (Rhine)

    Published 08/06/20

    Post your sentences below.

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