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Stranger Danger

Today, Police Community Support Officers Lil and Peter visited Stanton School to talk to the children about Stranger Danger as part of our value of the term - Trust.

At Stanton, each term we focus on a value in class and school assemblies.  This term, our value is Trust, so we invited our local PCSO's to come to school to talk to the children about people we trust and stranger danger.

Lil and Peter talked to Rhine, Nile and Darling children about how to be safe and people that we can trust.  They also talked about emergency phone numbers and what to do if we get lost (an important thing to know before the summer holidays!)

Most of the children knew their address', so it might be worth recapping this and phone numbers at home before the summer holidays.


We had a great time chatting to them, so thank you Lil and Peter for coming in!

  • Olivia Ingram 3 years ago
    Can't believe that police came in . I always love your blogs.I miss you so much . In school we are learning about diarys .Thank you Mrs Todd for being my teacher .
  • Mrs Todd 3 years ago
    Thanks Olivia, we miss you too and love your comments! I'm glad you are enjoying your new school!

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