Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Our Ethos and Values

Our vision and values were built taking into account the views and opinions of all stakeholders and are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Our vision statement is:

To motivate, to educate, to nurture 


  •  To provide a secure, caring environment where problems can be shared and successes celebrated, enabling each child to fulfil his/her own potential without fear of failure

  • To nurture a positive attitude towards learning and life

  • Develop confidence and encourage children to express their feelings

  • Provide an environment in which children have the enthusiasm and confidence to accept new experiences and challenges

  • Help children develop their powers of expression and a love of acquiring knowledge through play, exploration and investigation

  • To create an environment where all staff are valued as individuals and supported in their on-going growth and professional development

  • To pass on some of our own individual talents and strengths to the wider school community

  • To maintain a well qualified and informed staff fully conversant with all policies, who will work as a team and be sympathetic to each other’s roles and responsibilities


  • To ensure that children with Special Needs have full access to the curriculum

  • To provide each child with an equal opportunity to achieve individual success

  • Provide opportunities which will enable children to achieve the Early Learning Goals in the seven areas of learning and National Curriculum in order to develop knowledge, skills and understanding

  • Strive to discover, develop and extend each child’s individual talents and strengths

  • To help prepare children, working alongside parents, to adapt to a changing world


  • To respect and care for others within the school and the wider community

  • Seek to preserve the friendly, child-centred nature of the school

  • To respect all members of the school equally regardless of race, gender, disability or belief

  • Live in harmony with each other respecting the rules of society

  • To maintain a happy, fun-loving environment for the children to learn in

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that caters for each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical and

  • moral development supported by a daily act of worship of a broadly Christian nature

  • To initiate opportunities for children to experience awe and wonder

The Vision of Stanton St Quintin

For all

  • To be happy

  • To continuously motivate in all we do

  • Opportunities to experiment, play and have real experiences

  • Opportunities to develop knowledge skills and understanding needed for life

  • The ability to take risks without fear of failure

  • Confidence to talk problems through, find their own solutions and take responsibility for their action

  • An environment in which they feel loved and are developed as individuals

  • The love of a subject in which we have a particular strength or enthusiasm

  • Show an empathy for the nature of the child

  • Have an enthusiasm, zest for life and enjoyment of what we do

  • Be proud of ourselves and enjoy the respect from children, parents and society

  • To enjoy the friendship and camaraderie society brings

  • The ability to enjoy the pride of being an active stake holder within a community

For children

  • Opportunities to be creative in their lives, to find fun in learning and to be self-expressive

  • Opportunities to develop self discipline and independence

  • To develop to their full potential

  • To develop into curious, broad-minded and empathetic children

For adults

  • The chance to develop their talents to provide the secure environment for children to identify any weakness and address them

  • Continue to learn with the children and to learn through teaching

  • Continually monitor and strengthen our professional development to the benefit of ourselves and colleagues

  • The support the vision of Stanton St Quintin Primary & Nuresry School