Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Rhine Robotics!

"We held our breath, hoping our programming would rebuild the pyramid and it did!" exclaimed Rochelle (part of Team Money Makers). 

The Best Big Bang EVER! said Lily.

Today Rhine Class travelled to Egypt to take the Lego Challenge.

We learnt how to programme a robot to complete a selection of missions.  But the tricky thing was everything we did cost money. 

We build a buggy to carry archaeologists to the Temple, a cradle to return the Rosetta Stone to the Valley of the Kings as well as rebuilding the pyramid.  If the buggy fell off, touched the black or green lines or crashed into a tree we had to pay damages.  However, we could double our money if we could return our buggy to the green square.

We learnt that you need to use trial and error, teamwork and things didn't always go to plan, so we had to revise or adapt our programme.



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