Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

The Ancient Greek Olympic Games come to SSQ

This afternoon we have enjoyed taking part in the ancient Greek Olympic games 2017. 

We started by learning a little about the history of the Olympics, comparing the ancient Greek Olympics to the modern day version. The chidren have learnt some interesting facts about the Olympic games and how they were run. Ask the children to tell you some of the interesting facs they have learnt.

Let the games begin!

We put on our tunics and ventured outside in our 4 teams; Sparta, Athens, Corinth and Argos (different Greek cities), to compete in our own, slightly altered versions of the Olympic Games. 

We tried: Javellin throwing (with plastic straws!)

Paper plate discus throwing 

Paper ball toss

Greek tongue twisters

Finshing with a closing procession and a lap of honour with our teams.

The results

It was an extremely close contest throughout, but Corinth snuck in there at the last minute, winning the olive leaf crown with 11 points. Well done team Corinth!

We declare the Olympic Games closed!

Paper plate discus

The ball toss

The final results...