Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Nile at Buckley Barracks

On Friday, the whole school went to Buckley Barracks.

We had a fantastic day, learning about military life, as well as geography and problem solving activities.


We got to put on cammo paint and make dog tags.

We labelled all the Commonwealth countries on a world map and used compasses to follow ordinates.


We also had to give instructions for our friends to follow.



It was really fun and we learnt a lot that we couldn't learn at school.

  • Olivia Ingram 7 years ago
    I really hope you had fun and I hope the teachers had fun as well . I still really miss you all a lot. From Olivia
  • Linda Moorhouse 7 years ago
    What a lovely day out for the children! I bet the soldiers enjoyed it as well. Well done everyone involved.

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