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Discovering Together

Nile investigates the Great Fire of London.

Nile has been discovering The Great Fire of London in D&T, English, in the woods and in History.

Our role play is the Pudding Lane bakery where the fire started on Sunday 2nd September 1666.

It has lots of food in and is really good.  We can pretend to be bakers and learn about baking and money.


 In English, we have been learning about Samuel Pepys and reading his diary.

We looked at his diary about the great fire and we created actions to help us learn it, as well as drawings to help the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.

Then, we did freeze-frames to act out the diary.


Today in the woods, we re-built the houses of London and in D&T, we made timber, wattle and daube model houses out of card.  


We are going to re-make Old London with these houses!


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