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World War 1 Week in Darling Class

This week in Darling class we have been commemorating the centenary of the First World War as part of a whole school focus. The children have engaged in a wide range of hands on learning opportunities and we are very proud of their thoughtful insights into remembering those who fought for our country.

Our afternoons this week have involved lots of patience and determination to sew our beautiful poppies. The children were not defeated! Photos below show work in progress and some finished products. All the sewn poppies can be seen in the school entrance area on display.

Work in progress!



They've got it!

Concentrating hard!

The children also enjoyed a bell ringing class and baking Parkin Biscuits.


We have talked lots about what it was like to be an evacuee child and Y2 children have written thoughtful diary extracts as an evacuee child. The vocabulary they chose was astounding.

In our role play area the EYFS/Y1 children have been learning about food rationing and using their ration books to choose which items of food they would buy using 6p. Shall we spend all our money on one luxury food item or a balanced diet for a family of four? Interesting observations all round!

Y2 have been solving a food rationing maths problem, whilst they were very surprised by the small amounts of food allowed during WW1.

Don't forget your ration book!

Outside, the children have been building shelters using tarpaulins, trying their hands at camouflage and digging trenches in the small world area. During small woods this week, the children have enjoyed using the metal detectors to search for old metal (just like evacuee children did during the war) and a code breaking activity.

This year, the focus is on saying thank you to everyone that supported efforts during WW1. We have talked about all the different people that helped during the war; men, women, children, pets. This fed in to our silhouette art work that I am sure you will agree has provided a poignant way to reflect and remember.

Some examples of our art work:

We have felt so proud of how the children have embraced this week of learning and shared their thoughts together. 

We look forward to the rest of the term in Darling class.

Mrs Anderson & Mrs Boddington