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A very warm welcome to Darling Class. Please do have peep at what we have been getting up to.

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  • Pancakes galore!

    Published 22/02/24

    With Shrove Tuesday falling in half term, we thought we would kick-start the new term with some pancake fun...

    After sharing the story 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes', we made our own pancakes and chose our own toppings...


    The results were delicious!!!...


    Then, we had pancake races with our buddies...


    And we have continued our pancake fun in the continuous provision...



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  • Light and Dark

    Published 04/02/24

    This half term has flown by. We have really enjoyed our topic 'Light and Dark'; it has provided a plethora of explorative opportunities for inquisitive minds, as well as role play in space and imaginative writing. Here is a little of what we have been doing...

    Exploring the light spectrum...


    Climbing onboard our spaceship and venturing into outer space...


    Mission control...


    Getting the engine working...


    What is out there?


    And a visit from St John's ambulance too!


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  • 2d shape, outside play and our Abbeyfield School Visit!

    Published 11/01/24

    We have loved exploring 2d shapes, sorting and describing them using vocabulary such as side, corner, straight and curved. We were all so good at remembering the shape names and using them correctly. 

    We made 2d shapes using small sticks. 



    We made triangles, squares and rectangles and talked about the number of sides and corners they had. We tried to make the shapes bigger and smaller by using more or less sticks. We demonstrated good fine motor skills when manipulating the pieces.

    We enjoyed wrapping up warm and exploring outdoors. Getting the bikes and trikes out was so much fun, especially when we took it in turns to control the traffic!



    We were really good at taking it in turns and sharing the bikes. Our peddling and steering around obstacles have both really imporved. 








    Reception and Year One children went to Abbeyfield school to take part in a sports festival. We made and wore crowns and took part in lots of activities which involved running, throwing, kicking, jumping and generally having a whole lot of fun! We had a great morning despite the freezing cold weather but we all wrapped up warm and got fully involved representing the school brilliantly. 






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  • Diwali, the Police and Odd Socks Day

    Published 19/11/23

    We have had another busy week in Darling, as you can see!

    We have been learning about the festival of Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. We made diva lamps, which Hindu people light for Diwali to remember the lights guiding Rama and Sita back home...


    We have also been learning about the police and have had a lot of fun being Police Officers, building a Police Station, taking messages, solving crimes, taking fingerprints and capturing criminals!



    And, of course, we celebrated Odd Socks Day and all the fabulous things that make us different, unique and very, very special...


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  • We Remember

    Published 12/11/23

    This week we have learnt about, and celebrated, important people who help to keep our country safe and people from the past who influence events that we take part in today.

    At the REME museum in Lyneham we learnt about soldiers who risked their lives for our country and lots of the children in Darling class were able to talk about the jobs people in their family do in the army now. We took on the backpacker museum scavenger hunt, obstacle course and had a great attempt at the STEM challenge to work together and create a moving vehicle that could transport a tank.






    We also listened to stories about Guy Fawkes, why he tried to blow up the houses of parliament and why we celebrate bonfire night on November the 5th. As part of this we enjoyed creating talking about our own experiences of Bonfire Night and creating fireworks pictures on the ipads.



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  • Doctor, Doctor

    Published 03/11/23

    To begin this term we kick-started our 'Superheroes we know' theme with a few fantastic books and stories to inspire our inner doctor.

    We have shared our own experiences of going to the doctors and hospitals and practised our listening skills as we heard about the experiences of others. 

    We have enjoyed learning the song 'Miss Polly had a Dolly'.

    We have also been practising some new vocabulary as we use the doctors' otoscope and stethoscope to help each other feel better, and we have definitely shown kindness and empathy as we have looked after our patients and written out prescriptions for their medicine...




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