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Welcome to Darling Class

We have had a fantastic start to the Autumn term and the opening of our new Foundation Unit. The children have settled in really well and have been an absolute joy, so thank you.

We have been very busy exploring our new environment and making new friends.

Please enjoy looking at some of the photos from our first two weeks.

With very best wishes,                                                                            Mrs Breen, Miss Rimmer and Mrs Moreley

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  • Misty

    Published 20/10/20

    To mark the end of our first half term, the children have been amazing and learned the Lovely Autumn poem 'Misty' by Shirley Hughes.

    Here they are performing it in the woods for you.




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  • Dough Disco

    Published 13/10/20

    You may have heard your child chatting about DOUGH DISCO, and you might have been wondering what they are talking about!

    This daily exercise combines the use of play dough with a series of fun hand and finger movements designed to improve and strengthen fine muscle control and coordination, which is essential for writing. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab your play dough and turn the music up and give those little fingers a work-out!


    Every finger has a name...

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  • Guess my rule

    Published 07/10/20

    In Maths, we have been looking at sorting objects into groups snd exploring these questions:

    What is the same about all the objects in my group?

    Can you find an object that belongs to my group?

    Can you find one which doesn't belong?

    Can you guess my sorting rule?

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  • When Robot came to stay

    Published 01/10/20

    When we entered our classroom on Monday morning we had a very big surprise. Sat waiting for us was a silver robot, with a message.

    The message asked if the robot could come to stay with us. We said "yes"!

    The message also had robot writing which our teacher could not read, but luckily a few of us children know how to read robot language. It said 'I am a robot. I need new batteries'. Our teacher was amazed that we were able to read robot language - we think we will have to give her some lessons!

    We wanted to write messages back to robot, here are a few of them ...

    The robot was so happy with our messages that when we arrived in school the next day, there was a present waiting for us.

    We decided to make some friends for our robot. Here are some of our amazing designs. 

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  • Our new class

    Published 18/09/20

    These photos are a little taster of what we have been up to in our first few weeks at Stanton school. 

    So, when you ask us "What have you been doing today?" and we reply "Nothing", please know that we are probably a little tired as we have been very busy.

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