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Emergency closure information.

Should the school need to make an emergency closure due to severe weather conditions,  then we will aim to inform parents through a number methods. Firstly , the school will contact the local radio stations - BBC Radio Wiltshire and Heart FM.

The school will also post a message on the school's website.

The school will also aims to contact parents via Parent Pay. However, as many other schools will possibly notifying parents through this route the information may not come through as quickly as the Radio and School Website.  

Please read the following important information to enable texts to be  received  via ParentPay.



Receiving Text Messages from School via your Parentpay Account

In order for us to send important text messages and text reminders through the Parentpay communication system, the system must have a “Verified” mobile number logged.

We have noticed that a number of parents have NOT YET verified their mobile phone number and are therefore unable to receive text messages from us.

It is particularly important for you to complete this verification, so that we can inform you of any School Closures, Emergencies, change of arrival times for school trips and other general reminders.

In order to verify your mobile number:

  • Log into your Parent Pay account
  • Navigate to the Profile Tab
  • Edit phone numbers and email addresses
  • Select My profile – Phones and emails – add or edit mobile numbers
  • Click to receive a Mobile Registration PIN

Within the My Profile tab – we would also ask you to update your “Preferred Communication Channel” with Urgent Message and Non Urgent message preferences.