Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Whole School Trip to REME museum

Today the whole school had a fun and interactive day at the REME Museum in Lyneham. Each class took part in a STEM challenge - to work as a team and either create a moving vehicle that would move a tank or explore the same forces at work in propulsion that the Royal Engineers used to power the Bloodhound LSR, which set new land speed records. The children also had time to look around the museum, learn about life in the Royal Air Force, some of the missions that soldiers embarked on, the equipment and vehicles they used, and the engineering feats behind the vehicles and machinery. The weather was very kind to us and the children thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves on the assault course, guided by Army soldiers. Thank you to all at the REME Museum and for the parent volunteers who accompanied us - without you, we couldn't put these wonderful trips together.