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Stanton's excellent school results recognised

Stanton's excellent school performance results have been officially recognised by Wiltshire Council - see letter below.

Dear Parents 

I would like to share with you a recent letter that the school has received from the Local Authority, in which it congratulates the school for its performance from recent validated and published outcomes.  

The letter recognises the children’s outcomes from the last academic year – 2020, in particular in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1 Phonics and End of Key Stage 1. It places Stanton St Quintin as one of the top schools in Wiltshire. 

Published Key Stage 2 data from earlier in the year ranked the school as 9th in the local authority, which again is something to be proud of and celebrate. 

In order for our children to achieve the very best they can requires much hard work not just at these milestones but at all times. Our staff work tirelessly with the highest of expectations to know your children’s needs and adapt teaching and learning approaches to ensure they grow, progress and succeed.

The children at Stanton St Quintin Primary School have very positive attitudes and take an active responsibility for their learning. To quote Plutrach they are ‘not vessels to be filled…‘. There is an ethos of high personal expectation from our children and this is often commented on when we have visitors to our school.

Of course, whilst a letter of recognition is always very pleasing to be received, the school never rests on its laurels. The school community, working in partnership for your children – school staff, parents, children, governors, is the very best way to support and grow your children as citizens of the future. 
Yours sincerely

Karen Winterburn