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We're going on a habitat hunt...

This week, Amazon Class went to the woods and explored different habitats.

We started off with a lovely, chilly walk to the woods.  The landscape was so beautiful, with frost and ice everywhere, an endless ice-blue sky and the sun beaming down on us.




As we walked, we found lots of frozen puddles, the ice was quite thick and melted when we touched it.  We really enjoyed the cracking and crunching sounds it made when we stood on it!



When we got to the woods, we practised counting in 5's and 10's.  Then we headed on in to identify different habitats.  Habitats are homes that living things need to live.  We found the woodland, trees, mud, logs, moss and dens in the wood that were all habitats.  We also found some water that can be a habitat for living things, but nothing was in there that we could see.

We used identification guides to name the trees, birds and minibeasts that we discovered.





As it is cold, the minibeasts are all hiding to keep warm, so there weren't as many bugs as we thought there would be, but we did find woodlice, snails and a big worm! 







After identifying habitats and living things, we had some free play in the woods, climbing trees, building dens and working together as a team.  It was super fun, even though it was cold!




Next week we will be making bird feeders in the woods to improve the habitat and feed the friendly, hungry Robin that we see each week!

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