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Debates, feelings and animal food.

Last week and this week, we have been thinking about feelings, debating deep questions and finding out what animals eat.

Last week at the woods, we decided to debate some big questions.  The children considered right and wrong, religious beliefs and whether we can ever forgive someone.  We had to think very carefully, structured our arguments and construct coherent sentences to share our views.  It was tricky, but fun to convince someone to change their mind!

As part of our PSHE, we made natural art faces showing happiness and sadness, thinking about how quickly our mood can change and what helps us to feel better.



This week, we went to the woods and learnt who eats whom!  We pretended to be tadpoles and we had to collect the three different things that we needed to grow into frogs; water, oxygen and food.  However; there wasn't enough pond weed for everyone to have some, so sadly, some of us at the other tadpoles!  We didn't realise that they were omnivores!

Next, a hungry kingfisher and a hungry dragonfly larvae came and predated us as well.  They are carnivores and predate the tadpoles.  We learnt that this is a good thing, as it meant there was more pond weed for everyone, so none of the tadpoles had to eat their friends!

As it was windy, we had to leave early.  Next week at the woods, we will be learning about making small sacrifices to help others and how to help our friends as part of our RE and PSHE.

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