Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

When Robot came to stay

When we entered our classroom on Monday morning we had a very big surprise. Sat waiting for us was a silver robot, with a message.

The message asked if the robot could come to stay with us. We said "yes"!

The message also had robot writing which our teacher could not read, but luckily a few of us children know how to read robot language. It said 'I am a robot. I need new batteries'. Our teacher was amazed that we were able to read robot language - we think we will have to give her some lessons!

We wanted to write messages back to robot, here are a few of them ...

The robot was so happy with our messages that when we arrived in school the next day, there was a present waiting for us.

We decided to make some friends for our robot. Here are some of our amazing designs. 

We then used our designs to make our robots.

And to finish off the week, we have learned a robot dance!


We have had a fabulous week and hope that you have too.