Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Making the most of the rain

Not ones to let the rain stop us, when the rain flooded our playground, it was the perfect opportunity to sail some boats and explore how we could make them sink.

We predicted how many cubes we thought it would take to sink our boats and then took to the water to see if we were correct!

We loved adding the cubes and watched in nervous anticipation! Unfortunately, our paper boats didn't last too long and thinking about it we decided that this might be because paper isn't waterproof. Something for us to investigate another day!


So, spying the plastic boats in the water area we decided to see if we could sink those! We thought that the bigger boats would need many more cubes because they are heavier (we checked this on the scales) and there is more space to put more cubes.


Our prediction was definitely correct - there was ALOT of counting to do!!

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