Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Dinosaur visits Darling Class!!

This week has been incredibly exciting for us in school and those at home, who have shared the experience every step of the way.

On Monday morning we came in expecting nothing out of the ordinary, but we we wrong!

Our classroom had been turned upside down and and on the floor were giant............


And not only that but laying underneath one of the tables were two dinosaur eggs!!

Well, we just didn't know what to think or what to do!

We examined the footprints and because of their shape and the size (we looked it up) we deduced that the dinosaur that visited us was a Tyranasaurus Rex!


Would she come back we wondered - well yes, she would need to get her eggs we thought.

We knew that the eggs needed to be kept somewhere warm and safe so we went to the shed and collected the baby's crib and blankets and took turns looking after the egg, which was at times a littles scary as we could hear the dinosaurs inside and we didn't know when they were going to hatch!

Some of us were a little perturbed that the dinosaur had left the room in such a mess, so after tidying up, it was decided that traps were needed to catch the dinosaur! While these were laid, no entry signs were made and messages to the dinosaur were written. Then we waited ....


The next morning, while the traps hadn't caught the dinosaur, they had been disturbed and a message for us had been left! The dinosaur hadn't meant to make such a mess (its tail kept knocking things over!) and it was desperately looking for a suitable habitat to hatch its eggs.

We set to work investigating what a suitable habitat would be...


We realised that our school pond offered all the things that the dinosaur would need - shelter, water, food, and so we took the eggs and made a wonderful nest for them.


It must have been perfect, because two days later.... THE EGGS HATCHED!!!!!!!!

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