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Visit from the vet

This week we were very fortunate to have a visit from Amber Batson, a vet and animal behaviourist.

Amber said that as a vet she needs lots of help from the people she works with; we were very happy to be her vet helpers!

First we learned that we need to be quiet, calm and comforting to animals, as they will be scared and frightened, just like us when we go to the doctors.

Also, when we meet people's dogs, we should never touch them without asking if they like to be stroked first and then approach them calmly and quietly. We learned that if a dog approaches us we need to stand like trees, with our branches in and looking at our roots - it was fun to practise this!

Then it was time to get to work and meet the first patient of the day. We met Fluffy the bunny, who had hurt her leg. We watched how the vet bandaged the leg and then put a funny cover over the top with chicken pictures on it! This was to keep the bandage clean and dry, incase Fluffy stepped in her water bowl.

We helped to count out the tablets for Max, who needed them to help his sore leg get better.

We then got in our car and drove to the farm to meet our next patient, Bob. Bob needed a tetanus injection. This needed to go into the neck muscles and Bob was stroked to keep home calm and comfort him.

Then we travelled back to the surgery to meet the last patient, Boo. Boo had been a bit naughty and swallowed something he shouldn't have. The vet took Boo to a special room to do an x-ray and when we looked at the x-ray we could see something inside Boo' stomach that should not be there. It was time to do an OPERATION!


Boo was given an injection to sedate him, and then we held an oxygen mask over his mouth to help him to breathe. The vet then had to cut open Boo's skin to get to his stomach and do you know what was pulled out - batteries! Thank goodness the vet was able to get those out. Then Boo's stomach had to be stitched carefully back up again.

What an exciting and busy day vets have!!

Thank you so much Amber for your inspiring visit.





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