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Word of the Week 29/6/20 (Amazon)

Our final word of the week before an end of year vocabulary challenge next week!

Well done to Migen for your winning sentence. Look out for your certificate in the post!

Use the list of activities below to learn our new word. Maybe an adult could do the activities with you, or why don’t you become the teacher and use the activities to teach everyone else in your household?

Certificates for our weekly winners shall be sent in the post to those not at school. Happy word learning!



DEFINITION: a beautiful scene, like a perfect picture.

MY SENTENCE: The sun setting over the water on the perfect summer day was a picturesque view.


  1. Break the word into its syllables.
  2. Do you know what this word means?
  3. Read the definition above.
  4. Can you think of synonyms for this word (words with a similar meaning)?
  5. Can you think of antonyms for this word (words with the opposite meaning)?
  6. Can you think of any words that rhyme with this word?
  7. Use this word in a sentence. Who had the best sentence in your family?
  8. Draw a picture of this word.
  9. Say this word in different voices- queen’s voice, whisper, shout, sing, low, high, robot, Scooby-Doo, Donald Duck, teacher voice or make up your own!
  10. Use this word correctly as many times as you can this week- how about competing with your family and keeping a tally?
  • Anja 4 years ago
    The roses with their lovely scent and scarlet petals was picturesque.
  • Scarlett 4 years ago
    The girl was gazing out of her window to see an picturesque view of the morning mountain side😋🤓
  • Mya 4 years ago
    On Sunday I went to the beach, and went in the see whilst mum was taking photos of the picturesque scene. I thought the pictures were beautiful.
  • Elliot 🤪 4 years ago
    The enticing waves calmly washing over the grey, blue rocks on a lovely spring day was a picturesque view.
  • Brooke 4 years ago
    The picturesque view of the sun set over Niagara falls was one to remember.
  • Daisy 4 years ago
    As they approached the picturesque setting,the river flowed in the background.

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