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Wonderful Woodworking!

In Amazon Class, we have begun making wooden marionette puppets.

We have been investigating Superheroes in History over the past four weeks at school, learning about Florence Nightingale, Emily Davison and Rosa Parks.  As part of our research, we are going to make a wooden marionette puppet of one of these women in D&T lessons.  Each week we are making a different part of the puppet.  We have designed our puppets, measured the wood and are now using tenon saws and junior hack saws to cut dowels for arms and legs and soft wood blocks for the head and body.  

We have learnt how to use a saw safely and worked with Mrs Todd to cut the different body parts.  We have also learnt how to use sand paper to shape the wood for the heads of our puppets.

Over the next few weeks, we will paint our puppets and sew clothes for them too!  Hopefully, we will be done by the end of term and we will share some photos of our perfect puppets!

  • Yvonne Cole 3 years ago
    This is such a wonderful project! I love the fact that the children are going to be trying so many different techniques and learning about history at the same time. Fantastic idea!

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