Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

I Want My Hat Back!

Since returning to school this term, the children have been exploring Jon Klassen's fantastic, 'I Want My Hat Back'. This is the highly entertaining story of a bear that has lost his hat and ventures out to try to find it. This book lends itself so well to developing children's inference skills and reading body language and facial expressions.

Before delving into the story, we looked at the front cover to predict what this book might be about and discovered a red cone-shaped object left in our classroom. We used our powerful imaginations to predict what we thought the strange object may be. We had an array of ideas from an ice cream cone for a giant, an elf's or gnome's hat, a ball catcher, a powerful drill and a spinning top! 










It wasn't until we read the story the following day that we soon realised this funny red cone was actually a hat from our story. After meeting the characters within the book, we held group discussions to debate our viewpoints of one particular character. The children's debating and discussion skills are developing so well. 

This week the children are excited to start writing their own stories in the style of Jon Klassen, with an aim to entertain our readers. We look forward to sharing this with you soon.