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Are you ready for the challenge?

Wondrous, witty, wild, wacky and wonderful words!

We hope that your vocabulary has grown since lockdown in March, or you are able to use words in new ways. We’ve certainly been treated to fantastically crafted sentences, many of which would sit comfortably in a published book. Stanton authors in the making!

Words are all around us and we especially come across new words when reading a good book. Hopefully when you read now, you are becoming more aware of exciting vocabulary or are curious to explore the meaning of unknown words.

This week there will not be a new word but an end of year competition instead.

I would like you to try to remember all the words from Word of the Week since lockdown. You could even try to include words that we learnt in class before lockdown! Write your list in the comments section below, including a definition of each word. Good luck!

  • Elliot 🥺 4 years ago
    Contemplate-to think deeply. Deluge-to flood to swamp or to overwhelm. Draw-to take something out of another thing. Surreptitious-to be secretive or sneaky. Dark and Gloomy- poorly lit or depressed. Succulent-juicy. Tentative-unsure. Vibrant-bright or energetic. Picturesque-a perfect view like a picture
  • Devina 4 years ago a perfect picture Impertinent.fair and not supporting one Side more than the other :D
  • Jessie 4 years ago
    Picturesque: perfect picture Vibrant and vibrancy: brightly coloured Deluge: A large amount of water or a flood Surreptitious: something secretly done Succulent: tender, juicy, tasty
  • Ronnie 4 years ago
    Picturesque (perfect). Impertinent (rude Or disrespectful). Succulent (delicious). Tentative (not sure). Surreptitious (secret). Draw/drew (drawing a picture). Contemplate (think deeply about something).
  • Oliver 4 years ago
    Succulent (nice juicy and tender) Impertinent(being rude and disrespectful) Picturesque(a scene like a perfect picture) Vibrant(bright and full of life) tentative(doing something uncertain)
  • Mya 4 years ago
    picturesque, deluge, contemplate, surreptitious, drew, draw,
  • Mrs Anderson 4 years ago
    A HUGE well done and thank you to those children who have taken the time and made the effort to complete this challenge. Super word learning and lots remembered- well done!

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