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Armed Forces Day!

Today Darling and Amazon Class celebrated Armed Forces Day!

On Saturday 26th June, the country will be celebrating Armed Forces Day. At Stanton, we have many military families, so we decided to celebrate this important day.

Amazon and Darling Class came together (socially distanced in our bubbles) and took part in some games and activities inspired by the armed forces.  First, Mrs Austin taught the children all about military life and why Armed Forces Day is so important.


With Mrs Todd, we talked about fire safety.  Mrs Todd showed us how a fire can be lit by using a fire steel and we talked about what a fire needs to burn and also to be put out.  Then we chatted about how important it is to only have a fire with an adult and with permission.  Luckily, Mrs Winterburn had said that it was OK to have a fire on the field! 

After our fire safety talk, Mrs Todd lit the fire and we had a go at toasting marshmallows.  Then we squashed our delicious, melted marshmallows between two halves of a biscuit and enjoyed eating our freshly made smores!




With Miss Rimmer and Mrs Austin, we played games, such as Man Down (finding missing soldier toys in the woods), Minefield (giving instructions to a blindfolded partner) and relay races, trying to empty a bucket of water using a cup!

It was a really fun afternoon and the children were incredibly at listening to the adults, following instructions and staying safe around the fire.  Well done Amazon and Darling Class!