Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

The Barnabus Project

Amazon Class have loved exploring The Barnabus Project this term. This wonderful book tells the story of Barnabus and his friends who line the shelves of the failed project lab underneath the Perfect Pets store. These creatures are not "perfect" enough to be out in the wide world and therefore live in their little bell jars. Until one day, brave Barnabus and his friends escape into the wonderful world.

This story has sparked lots of dicussion about all being individual but yet all being perfect just the way we are. The children then designed their own failed projects which were a combination of two animals. They wrote their files and diary entries as their new animals. This week, the children have enjoyed finishing our unit by sculpting their failed projects and homing them inside their own little bell jars.

We hope you have enjoyed welcoming your new little pet into your homes.