Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together


This term, Amazon Class have been developing their oracy skills- learning how to talk well so that our voices are valued.

We have learnt how to speak in full sentences and provide reasoning for our views, whilst using sentence stems such as; Perhaps…, In my opinion…, It would seem that…

We have been practising taking turns when talking, clearly articulating to be understood and speaking at an appropriate volume.

We have been using our Class Talk Rules to discuss and debate themes linked to our topic- Polar Explorers.

Our favourite debate this term was based on the book ‘Penguin Huddle’ when we debated whether the penguins should have stayed in Antarctica or travelled to the big city. The children had so many valuable ideas and demonstrated their ability to agree and disagree reasonably.

Here you can see some of the children’s comments.