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Early Morning Drop Off

Early Morning Drop Off - Quick Fitness

We have teamed up with Up and Under to provide a fresh idea for Early Morning drop off.

This will now include a Quick Fitness session for each child who arrives at school before 9am, working with one of the coaches to provide a fun Quick Fitness session. The session will run from 8.30-- 9.00am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Working Parents, who need to drop their children off at 8.30am can continue to do so on Tuesday and Thursday using the self register system in reception.

All children who arrive at school before 8.55am, will be asked to join the session and the door will be open to parents to talk to staff from 8.50am.

The children will learn how to assess their own fitness levels with an individual pre-assessment, plot their progress and celebrate improvement throughout the year on one of our Celebration Days.

This early morning drop off will be offered free of charge.

Easy guide to Quick Fitness Drop Off

  1. Children who arrive between 8.30 and 8.55am will go through the double gate to either the hall or playground (depending on weather) and will be met by a member of staff or a sports coach.
  2. Children will be more comfortable if they wear trainers to school on Monday, Wednesday & Friday and bring school shoes with them to change into, although it is possible to participate in the session in sensible school shoes.
  3. Parent's will not need to accompany their child beyond the double gate.
  4. Parent's will be welcome into the school from 8.50am via the main school entrance, if they need to talk to a member of staff.
  5. We ask that children do not arrive at school before 8.30am
  6. On a Tuesday and Thursday, working parents who require an early morning drop off can drop children between 8.30 and 8.45am to self-register in the usual way.
If you are unsure - just ask us!

Early Morning Drop off made easy on Tuesday & Thursday

  1. Staff are busy preparing for the day ahead.
  2. Early drop off from 8.30am to 8.45am for CHILDREN only.
  3. Children self register, put their coats and bags away with guidance from school staff.
  4. Parents are welcome to enter the school at 8.50am at the start of the school day.
  5. Parents who wish to talk to school staff will need to wait until the start of the school day at 8.50am.
  6. The school will be opened at 8.50am children and parents.