Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Action Plan

Aims of the Action Plan:

To increase the extent to which all children can participate in the school curriculum

  • • To improve the physical environment of the school in order to increase the extent to which disabled children can take advantage of education and associated services;
  • • To improve the delivery to children with protected characteristics of written information. This should be done within a reasonable period of time and in formats which take account of views expressed be children or parents about their preferred means of communication.
  • • To address any specific needs with regard to the protected characteristics.
  • • When being reviewed, policies will be checked to ensure equality.
  • • Make sure that all families are part of the school community.
  • • Make sure the curriculum celebrates diversity, different cultures, races and faiths, and all protected characteristics.
  • • Give children opportunities to meet adults and children of different races, cultures and faiths (including soldiers from Buckley Barracks)
  • • Link with schools that are different in the UK, Europe and globally
  • • Ensure an ethos and attitude in the school which celebrates diversity
  • • Ensure no child or family are prevented from joining in a school activity because of social or economic factors
  • • Include outlying villages in our school community
  • • Provide training so that all members of the school community know how to deal with behaviour that shows disrespect to any of the protected characteristics
  • • Regular monitoring the achievement and welfare of all protected characteristics children