Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

The School Day

Parents and children are able to enter the school from 8.50am for Amazon & Rhine Class, Darling Class starts at 9am.

At the end of the day KS1 children finish school at 3.00pm. Class teachers will bring their classes out to the front of the school where children will be passed over to adults collecting.

KS2 children finish school at 3.05pm and are dismissed from the classroom. They will then collect their belongings from the cloakroom and meet adults from the front of the school.

We ask that all adults waiting to collect children wait at the front of the school just inside the gates in the area near the noticeboard. This is a system that works very well in such a small space.

Children going home on school transport are to line up outside the EYFS area where a member of staff on duty will ensure everyone who should be on the bus is on the bus safely.

If your child is being collected by someone else on a particular day or going home with a friend please make sure the school office or class teacher have been told. If we have not been informed we will make a phone call home before letting your child leave the school grounds.