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  • A massive thank you!

    Published 24/03/17

    Thank you everyone for your yummy cake donations for this mornings Bake Sale. We all went back to class with full tummys after play! There are still a few cakes left and so we will be selling then after school.

    Disaster though!!! The radio mic fell on the floor and stopped working! so 'open mic' joke telling is now taking place in classrooms. Even our Toddler Group have joined the fun... a joke from Patrick.... What's brown and sticky?


    I don't know what is brown and sticky?


    A stick!


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  • Let Love Shine Through

    Published 21/03/17

    Today we celebrated National Sing Up Day. Everyone joined in with the the Sing Up song - Let Love Shine Through, which celebrates our rich and diverse school and us as individuals all being absolutely unique!

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  • Fantastic Tag Rugby

    Published 21/03/17

    On Friday, children from Amazon and Rhine Classes took part in the Chippenham Schools Tag Rugby Tournament. We were up againt some very stiff opposition especially as the tournament was supposed to be for Year 5 and Year 6 children. Our team played fantastically well coming second in their group in the morning and 6 overall at the end of the day.

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  • Thank you to Emily from the Dogs Trust

    Published 16/03/17

    This week Emily Brown, the South West Education and Community Officer for the Dogs Trust visted Stanton School. She spent time in each class exploring Dog Safety, Senses, Evolution and Adaptation and we had a fantastic assembly on what to do if you meet a new dog in the street or at someones house.

    Thank you Dogs Trust! And what a cool car!!!!

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  • Celebrating Commonwealth Day

    Published 15/03/17

    On Friday we welcomed 9 Regiment to Stanton. The children took part in a carousal of activities exploring different countries that make up the Commowealth. We all had a great morning and want to say a huge thank you to all the soldiers who came to help us with our learning.

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  • SSQ take part in Wow Pi Day 14.03

    Published 14/03/17

    Children from Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a special Maths Morning with other schools.  They had great fun sniffing out patterns and found out that 'Maths is Loopy'.  They made a loop and twisted it in different ways before cutting and trying to predict what may happen.  Now they will be able to amaze you with their new found skills.  What happens when you twist it 3 times?  

    They also went on to discover it was Pi Day and what Pi is.  Can you spot something special in the date?Next year they want to make pies!

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