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Last week of the Spring Term

We have had an absolutely fantastic term in Darling Class. The children have all adapted to their return to school with amazing ease and we have had a great deal of fun being back together again.

With wish you all a very happy Easter,

Mrs Breen, Miss Rimmer and Mrs Major

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  • The Great Easter Egg Hunt

    Published 01/04/21

    This week we have been getting very excited about Easter and with an Easter Egg hunt planned for the end of the week, we wanted to make it extra fun and special for our Buddies in Rhine Class too.

    We made each of our buddies an Easter card...


    But these were no ordinary Easter cards!!!

    Inside there was a map and a clue...



    Then we waited in great anticipation as our buddies began the Great Easter Egg Hunt...

    And then it was our turn...


    A brilliant end to an eggscellent term!

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  • Woodland adventures

    Published 17/03/21

    Reconnecting with each other and nature has been an important part of our school life these past few weeks.





    And would you believe... we even found more dinosaur bones!!!

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  • Maths is Fun!

    Published 11/03/21

    Asked what they love about maths, here were some of the children's responses:

    "It is fun!"

    "We get to play games and it's really exciting."

    "We do maths outside."

    "It's like we're learning but we're playing too."

    So we thought we would share some of the fun that we have been having doing our maths with you.

     "I found five, 5 and 5 is 10."

    "I can put 2 here, then that makes 10 and I get the boat!"





     "My shopping list. I need 35 things altogether, that is a lot."

    Great fun was had playing the track game in teams and avoiding the icebergs.


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  • Chinese New Year

    Published 22/02/21

    The last week of term was an exciting one, for those at home and in school, as we learned all about Chinese New Year, how it came about and how it is celebrated.

    We had great fun creating Chinese New Year fireworks pictures - outside and...



    ... on the computer!


    We hunted for money and compared the amounts.



     We made Chinese New Year banners and wrote captions for them.

    Finally, to celebrate the Year of the Ox we created this wonderful artwork from natural materials.



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  • Taking Time Out To Just Be

    Published 03/02/21

    With so much going on around us in the world, sometimes we can forget to just stop and be.

    This week is Children's Mental Health Week and one of the activities we have enjoyed most is 'cloud gazing'.

    We shared the story 'Hi Clouds' in the class and with the children who are learning remotely and then went to see for ourselves what appeared in the sky.


    These are some of the things that we spotted: "sheep, lots of lying down sheep", "a hot chocolate with cream on the top", "Santa's beard", "a bunny with bunny ears", "wheels" , "a buffalo" and we all saw this one....

    a dragon!!!

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  • Making the most of the rain

    Published 20/01/21

    Not ones to let the rain stop us, when the rain flooded our playground, it was the perfect opportunity to sail some boats and explore how we could make them sink.

    We predicted how many cubes we thought it would take to sink our boats and then took to the water to see if we were correct!

    We loved adding the cubes and watched in nervous anticipation! Unfortunately, our paper boats didn't last too long and thinking about it we decided that this might be because paper isn't waterproof. Something for us to investigate another day!


    So, spying the plastic boats in the water area we decided to see if we could sink those! We thought that the bigger boats would need many more cubes because they are heavier (we checked this on the scales) and there is more space to put more cubes.


    Our prediction was definitely correct - there was ALOT of counting to do!!

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