Stanton St QuintinPrimary School

Discovering Together

Nile Class

Nile Class is a vibrant and fun place to learn, where the Year 1 children begin to make the transition from Reception to a more focused style of learning and our Year 2 children prepare for the excitment of Key Stage 2.  Enjoying learning is the key and we often go outside to make lessons more interactive and memorable for the children.  

In Nile Class we visit the woods every Thursday morning.  This helps the children to develop their problem solving and independent thinking skills.  The children love their woods visits and it really supports creative and dynamic learning.

The children are encouraged to share their ideas and be supportive of other children's learning.  We all take a very positive attitude towords lessons and all the children and adults in Nile Class work hard to make sure everyone is able to join in and take part in our lessons.

"I like that we get golden time when we earn our gems." Azlan, aged 5.

"I like when we do English because it is fun."  Kaden, aged 6.

"I like that we get to take Chocolate the cuddly monkey to take home when we have been really good at something."  Tilly, aged 5.

"I like D&T because we get to make something, like treasure chests!"  Lottie, aged 6.

Have a look at our home learning in our correspondance page to see what we will be exploring this term!